Unlocking the mystery of couple love begins with the individual personality of each partner. Over time this may also include their children’s personalities which may influence and shape their relationship. The map of their relationship is already prejudiced by their family history and influence from the very beginning.


Below are some dimensions of couple relationships. If you do couples work, the first thing an experienced and educated clinician will do, is measure the dimensions of your relationship. This is done using tools and measurements which have been proven through research. This enables the therapist to know what to work on, what has improved during the therapy. It also lets us know what not to focus on – which saves you a lot of money and time! Essentially, the relationship is viewed as an entity in itself and treated accordingly. Here is a list of just some of the measurable dimensions of couple-love relationships:

  • „ Individual Personality
  • „ Trust
  • „ Commitment
  • „ Communication
  • „ Fondness
  • „ Admiration
  • „ Rituals
  • „ Roles
  • „ Goals

    Couples Unique Relationship Map
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    Individualised Couples Relationship Map

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