Pre-Marriage Preparation

Pre-Marriage Preparation

Preferably 6 months before the wedding, for engaged couples or couples considering marriage.

The couples meet with the therapist for three sessions prior to their marriage to help them celebrate their relationship strengths and communicate positively with each other about issues they may not have thoroughly addressed.

As the couple prepares for marriage, the primary goal is to help couples talk openly and respectfully to each other about topics that are important to lifelong healthy marriage satisfaction so they can apply that learning towards their future together.

An online inventory is used to take a snapshot of the couples similarities and differences.


Pre Marriage Inventory

The Pre-Marriage Inventory can include the following sections:

  • Lifestyle Expectations
  • Financial
  • Friends and Interests
  • Readiness
  • Personality Match
  • Marriage Covenant
  • Personal Issues
  • Key Problem Indicators
  • Communication
  • Family of Origin
  • Problem Solving
  • Dual Careers
  • Religion & Values Interfaith
  • Parenting
  • Remarriage
  • Extended Family
  • Cohabitation
  • Sexuality
  • Couples with Children

Service Features

Improve your Lifelong Marriage Satsifaction Level


Couples learn how to talk openly and respectfully to each other about topics that are important to their lifelong healthy marriage satisfaction.

Three Sessions


These three sessions prior to your marriage will help you get a picture of where you stand now and of the future you will be creating together, you will have time to celebrate your relationship strengths.

Enhance your Couple Communication


Communicate positively with each other in a safe environment, putting the puzzle together around some of the issues you may not have thoroughly addressed.

Be Confident


You will have the keys to unlock the ability to walk down the isle with the confidence of knowing that you have given your marriage the best start for a long and happy future.

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