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% of times couple arguments are about the same issue - yes we love good research!

Raywyn Roberts,

Head Couples Whisperer: I believe that a great relationship is the gateway to a happy home life, increased work productivity and a no-regrets existence. Imagine having someone dig deep into the heart and soul of your relationship and design a plan that supports your love goals?

That’s exactly what I do for my clients.


Hello – So glad you are finally here – I’ve been waiting for you!

I am like an obsessed and dedicated professor when it comes to couple relationships and individual productivity: researching, analyzing, tracking down only those proven, logical techniques which give couples the time of their life!

Apart from the fact that I am a wife, mother of four amazing adult children and nine ten talented grandchildren, I also happen to be a clinical psychotherapist, guidance counsellor and research junkie rolled into one.

I am the founder of Partnership Power where we help everyday couples learn how to make lifelong loving relationships using proven researched techniques and information. We called it Partnership Power because we all know that if our home life is unhappy we lose the power to be effective and productive elsewhere in our lives.

Sometimes a couple want help with individual issues which affects their relationship and it is for this reason that I run the Productive Woman  and Productive Man Coaching program. These programs allow the individual to have limited in-person sessions with online psycho-education and coaching to manage their struggle with overeating, over drinking, anxiety or mild depression. If you want an educated, experienced clinical psychotherapist who is practical and truthful with you then I am your therapist!

You can find me hanging around with lovebirds almost every day in my clinics in Brisbane, Sydney (Crows Nest / Penrith) and Cairns in Australia. And if you are interested, yes I do have the qualifications you would like your therapist to have:

  • Bachelor of Arts (English, Psychology Majors)
  • Bachelor of Education
  • Bachelor of Psychology (Hons)
  • Masters of Guidance & Counselling

I am registered with the following bodies:

  • Associate Member of the Australian Psychological Society

  • Clinical member of the Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia

  • Professional member of the Queensland Guidance and Counselling Association

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# of books I have written

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