What We Do

We help all couples to achieve stronger bonds, a happier family and greater passion by using proven techniques.

We help individuals with depression, anxiety, over eating, over drinking to live a more productive life through our Productive Woman and Productive Man Coaching programs.

Our Philosophy

Every couple has the ability to create a lasting, happy and passionate bond. All they need are the right tools, techniques and knowledge, combined with their own commitment.

Pre-Marriage Preparation

Preferably 6 months before the wedding, for engaged couples or couples considering marriage.

The couples meet with the therapist for a minimum of twice prior to their marriage to help them celebrate their relationship strengths and communicate positively with each other about issues they may not have thoroughly addressed.

As the couple prepares for marriage, the primary goal is to help couples talk openly and respectfully to each other about topics that are important to lifelong healthy marriage satisfaction so they can apply that learning towards their future together.

An online inventory is used to take a snapshot of the couples similarities and differences.

The Pre-Marriage Inventory can include the following sections:

  • Lifestyle Expectations
  • Financial
  • Friends and Interests
  • Readiness
  • Personality Match
  • Marriage Covenant
  • Personal Issues
  • Key Problem Indicators
  • Communication
  • Family of Origin
  • Problem Solving
  • Dual Careers
  • Religion & Values Interfaith
  • Parenting
  • Remarriage
  • Extended Family
  • Cohabitation
  • Sexuality
  • Couples with Children

Couples Counselling

We use a unique combination of multiple well-researched therapies which depend on the couples specific result on their comprehensive relationship diagnosis. This diagnosis is called Relationship Mapping.


Relationship Mapping

Couples typically see their counsellor to create a map of their relationship. and become aware of their relationships strengths and areas for development.

If they decide to enter into counselling they will be expected to have a further 12 sessions over the next 12 weeks, starting with twice a week and moving to once a fortnight.



Foundational Stage

This is where the couple decides what they will focus on. Typically the couple chooses and immediate issue such as coping with constant arguments or lack of communication. The couple learn the how, why and what to do to change these behaviours. This may take four sessions over the first two weeks, or carry over to the next phase, depending on how deeply rooted the behaviours are.

Counselling is expected to be at least twice a week in the initial stage as research shows the importance of immediate, closely held sessions while the couple are learning new ways to be with each other.Initially the sessions are twice a week. If the relationship is in stress, the intervention may be more intense with sessions three times a week for the first three weeks.


Consolidation Stage

Then the sessions are once a week until the couple find their relationship has settled into a manageable long term phase.

Here is when the couple move on to learn new techniques and get the information they need as a couple to increase their understanding of their partner, learn new techniques to help with disagreements, new skills to improve intimacy and develop the rituals and habits needed for long term relationships success. This may take from 6 – 10 sessions with the average being around 6 sessions. Through having an understanding of their relationship needs, the Couple decide what areas they consider the most important to work on throughout the therapy and are only guided by the therapist in this matter.

Maintenance Stage

Two sessions held a fortnight apart give the couple time to use their new skills in different situations and some further tweaking my be required.

The farewell is said and the couple are given further resources to help them continue learning in their own time (online videos and worksheets).

It may be that the couple will want to have a refresher session every 3 or 6 months or specifically when a transition phase of their lives occurs. These times are: a new baby, a child leaves home, divorce or breakup of someone in the couples social circle which can have a big impact on their own relationship.

Partnership Power also has a Prepare for New Baby, Parent Coaching, Launch Your Teen and Prepare for Empty Nest Programs.



Your Goals

We work with you to achieve your desired goals for your relationship. You intimate relationships affect not only your health, your happiness, your partners health and happiness, it also affects your family and surprisingly, your extended family and friends. Let us help you create strong bonds with your partner so that you have the power and energy to go out and kick butt in the world!

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